I restart this blog more often than I restart Windows

On restarting my blog.

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Hello fellow geeks.

This is yet another re-invention of my blog. I think this makes it a third, in 3 years – that’s not too bad, but the other times I’ve had my blog it’s ended up as a dumping ground for my notes from various technology conferences. That would not be too bad either, if I hadn’t decided to abondoning it after the various conventions.

So what’s the motivation for resuming the bloggity?

Well, I’ve become mildly addicted to cocain tweeting – but 140 characters doesn’t seem to convey a message very clearly – hence me picking up this medium again, and being slightly more verbose than 140 characters.

I should probably make a memorial speech for Mr. Jobs, but that’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more updates!