Restarting the blog, again

On restarting my blog, again... 5-and-a-half years after my last post

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It’s been 5-and-a-half years (give or take), since my last update to this blog.

I can’t come up with a good excuse on why I havn’t written anything. There just hasn’t been any desire or will to do so, on my part.

So why am I then writing this post, then?

Discovering things

Since I last wrote, I’ve changed jobs 3 times… and now (for the last 4 years) I work as a freelance software developer (here’s a link to my company’s website). Due to the changing nature of being a freelance software developer, I keep having to discover, and even worse - re-discover things.

This is why I decided to bring it back (the blog).

I’ll be writing about:

So why now

So if I’ve been working as a freelancer software developer for 4 years, why only start writing now?

I’ve been giving lectures, or talks (call them whatever you’d like) over the last years, and preparation is key. I spend a lot of time preparing for a talk, but the audience I reach is usually in the range of 5 to 300 people… I want to reach more people - so I thought I’d attempt to write a blog-post for everytime I give a talk. That way, I can reach a bigger audience.

So, expect a lot more activity.

finger’s crossed 🤞