Steve is no more

The death of Steve Jobs.

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For those of you knowing me, you know that I’m not a blathering apple fan-boy.

Yes, I have owned an AppleTV, and yes I do own a iMac 27″ beast with a beautiful design, great usability and what not.

I have no intention of saying that what Steve Jobs did was to create any of these products, but he was one of the driving forces behind them. I don’t think there’s anyone in the industry (the IT-business one, that is) who disregards his involvement in the creation of them… but the loss of him does not prevent design prodigies as Jonathan Ive from designing great Apple hardware. Neither does it mean that the talented software developers at Apple are prevented from creating software that emphasizes usability, sleekness and captivate it’s users.

But… I am worried that Apple has lost it’s main driver, a person that settled for nothing less than perfection (or what he believed it being).

Let’s face it, the thing that Steve Jobs did for me was: